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Snap Sticks


Available In These Sizes: 1/2 Kilo & 1 Kilo

Heat Scale Variable 0/10

Just like it’s prepared and served in the butchers back in South Africa, our fabulous Snap Sticks come in three finishes. Dry, moist and, of course the ever-popular wet & fatty.



About Our Snap Sticks

Snap Sticks will bring memories of home for a lot of South African Ex-Pats, choosing your sticks in your favourite butcher, only to finish it all before you get home!

Well, our production team have managed to replicate this to provide authentic Snap Sticks that’ll you’ll love.

Our awesome Snap Sticks in original flavour come in three finishes. Dry, moist and, of course, the ever-popular wet & fatty.

Our beef biltong is the natural meat snack of choice for everyone, and our Snap Sticks range has been introduced by popular demand from our clients.

We are only too happy to add this beef snack to our ever-growing range of nutritious flavoursome products.

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